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Skyline Architects was established in April 2001 to deliver the best in architectural design on a thoughtful and sophisticated combination of classical approaches and modern sensibilities. The work reflects the knowledge of how people and organizations use and experience place and space. The firm has an enviable success record possible due to its unrelenting desire to surpass every expectation through its commitment to quality- Quality in research, in though, in understanding and in imagination.


Excellence across the Horizon

Whether it’s a civic structure, an office building, a place of worship, a residence or a renovation drive, the firm has time and again produced exceptional work. Every project is undertaken with a sharp focus to fulfill the technical, sales and economic requirements of the client while delivering something new and innovative.


Building on the Past Some text

The firm work on well planned model, which has been created taking a cue from the working style of the past masters in architecture. The idea is to respond to the client’s structural and design needs as envisaged by some of the well known master architects.


Designing for the future

Inspired by the master architects of the yesteryears and using the best in modern techniques, the gifted group of architects at skyline is committed to excellence. This innovative approach is the reason why Skyline Architects is today known for its imaginative and futuristic architecture designs.

Lakshmi Govekar
Saurabh Chatterjee

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